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Anne Adams Awards 2018

The American Harp Society Foundation is pleased to announce the 21st Anne Adams Awards Auditions to be held prior to the 43rd American Harp Society Conference in Redlands, California, June 27, 2018. These auditions will take place May 29-June 1, 2018 at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana.

Three scholarship awards of $2,000 each for full-time study of the harp will be given. Lyon & Healy Harps, Inc will enhance the awards with a $500 gift certificate for each winner. Lyon & Healy Harps, Inc. also has a permanent plaque in their showroom engraved with the winners' names.

In addition, each of the winners will receive a travel stipend to perform on a winner's recital at the 43rd American Harp Society Conference in Redlands, California, June 27, 2018.

In honor of his wife, Anne Adams, Burton Adams started the Anne Adams fund to continue the Close Awards mission after the University of Oregon discontinued their use by the American Harp Society in 1989. In 1990, Burton Adams founded the Anne Adams Awards. In 1991, Lyon & Healy became a proud sponsor of these Awards, as well, by offering a gift certificate and a plaque in honor of the winners. Also, in 1991, Sally Maxwell wrote to Burton Adams and agreed the Doris Calkins fund should be earmarked to support the Anne Adams Awards. When Sally Maxwell, long-time supporter and organizer of the Anne Adams Awards passed away, her family and friends changed the name of the Doris Calkins Fund to the Sally Maxwell/Doris Calkins fund and the support grew for the fund. In addition to these funds, Jack Nebergall also left money in support of these awards via the Doris E. Nebergall fund. These funds are all used to award these three scholarships. In honor of Anne Adams, these awards have always included an orchestra, ballet, or opera excerpt in addition to the solos required. The Anne Adams Awards, this year, are made up of the Adams Prize, the Nebergall Prize, and the Maxwell/Calkins Prize but will retain the name of the Anne Adams Awards due to the long history, purpose, and emotional connection of the award throughout the harp community.

2018 Required Repertoire

Choose one of the following:

Büsser — Pièce de concert, Op. 32

Salzedo — Scintillation

Renié — Ballade Fantastique

Walter-Kühne — Fantaisie sur un thème de l'opéra Eugène Onegin

Choose one of the following:

Caplet - Divertissement à l'espagnole

Caplet - Divertissement à la française

Bach -  Etude Number 2 from the Bach/Grandjany Etudes

Rochberg - Ukiyo-e (Pictures of the Floating World)

Orchestra/Choral (BOTH are required):

Donizetti - Lucia Di Lammermoor Cadenza /(any version)

Britten - A Ceremony of Carols


Applications will be accepted from advanced students who are:

  • Members of the American Harp Society
  • Enrolled full time in colleges or universities through a Master's Degree, or other post-high school institutions, 2018–2019.

Applicants will be asked to:

Submit an application with a non-refundable application fee of $35 to arrive no later than March 30th. (Please postmark by March 26, 2018 so it can be received in time to get the finalists notification back ASAP for travel arrangements.) This application should be sent to:

American Harp Society Foundation Awards

c/o Carrie Kourkoumelis

28 Cargill Street

Melrose, MA  02176

Checks should be made payable to the American Harp Society Foundation.

PDF Applications and further instruction, including Paypal links, will be available on the American Harp Society Foundation website in December 2017. The webpage is

This application will include:

  • Full name, birthdate, legal residence, permanent address, two telephone numbers, and E-mail address.
  • A current resumé.
  • A detailed description of plans for study during the year of the award.
  • Three letters of reference, two of which must be from music teachers, evaluating the applicant's candidacy.
  • A list of all previous harp teachers, of current repertoire, and of recent public performances both as a soloist and as a member of an ensemble.
  • An mp3 recording of the two required solos. Please do not submit mp4's as this process must be confidential. Each recording should be labeled with your name when it arrives, but will be given a letter name through the committee's finalist selection process.

Repertoire requirements are selected by a committee appointed by the American Harp Society Foundation and will include a cadenza or excerpt from an opera, ballet, or symphonic work; the exact portions of the works selected will be determined at the time of the auditions by the judges. Applicants may bring their own instruments or play on an instrument provided by the Society.

For further information, please contact:

Alexandra Perdew    Carrie Kourkoumelis

American Harp Society Foundation Awards

c/o Carrie Kourkoumelis

28 Cargill Street

Melrose, MA  02176


The American Harp Society Foundation Awards are held on behalf of the American Harp Society.

The American Harp Society Foundation is very proud to acknowledge our sponsors: Lyon & Healy Harps, Salvi Harps, Vanderbilt Music, and DePauw University.

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